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Edge SST is a California only authentic sports company providing timeless innovative products with a positive inspiration that stands for something good.

Adhering to our motto "Find the Edge. Keep the Edge. Be the Edge." Edge SST manufactures performance athletic shoes, apparel, skateboard equipment and accessories.

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Find the Edge. Keep the Edge. Be the Edge.

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CALI Strong Skateboard Buyers Guide

Skateboarding Education: The Basics

Whether you are an experienced skateboarder or just a beginner, you need a skateboard that matches your level and will allow you to progress. Your skateboard needs to match your skateboarding style, experience level, price range, and physical attributes.

From the pros at CALI-Strong.com you will find a basic skateboarding guide that will help you figure out the best skateboard for you. It details the basic categories and decisions that you need to think about before buying a skateboard.

Your skateboard should be considered an investment, as you will hopefully being using it for years to come. You should put in plenty of thought and research in order to make sure you find the right board for your budget, size, experience level, and skating style.

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CALI is our backyard. This is where we live, and this is where the Edge SST was born.

Edge SST is a multi-gender, racially diverse team of people that have bonded together to create the next great American brand. We come from every social stratosphere including the ghetto, a cattle ranch, the plains, and the barrio and have united together sharing the same ideals and dreams.

Edge SST is Californians building products for Californians who believe in “Cali Strong”.  We devoted much of our entire product line to this trademarked concept.  California is the 7th largest economy in the world and produces more professional athletes for team sports, action sports and individual sports than any other state or country in the world.  California is considered the “mecca” of sports, fashion, movies, music and technology, which is synonymous with the focus of the Edge SST brand.