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The Edge SST Series A1 Pack of skateboard designs released in April 2014 has 7 unique designs. CALI is our backyard. This is where we live, and this is where the→ Read more

The First Edge SST Sticker Design Contest concluded on March 7, 2014. Winning 20% of the 226 Edge SST Fan Votes, Alexis Salvador from Lima, Peru is the first Edge SST sticker design contest winner. http://edgesst.com/sticker/ → Read more

To use exclusive YourName@CALI-Strong.com, you will need to have an email account that allows you to configure an email alias. The easiest is a Gmail.com.→ Read more
Edge SST Launches new clothes and skate gear for 2014!
→ Read more

Skate Video Filmed & Edited by Tone’s buddy, Sebastian Horta on the streets of Chula Vista, CA. Skateboarding for the fun of it. → Read more

Skipped breakfast and went straight to da park in Chula Vista, CA, where Arturo met up with his homies, Skater Tone Rullan and Sebastian Horta, to shoot the skate video. → Read more